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Those who watch together, stay together.


This newsletter was born one Saturday morning over pancakes and coffee at Liz's apartment. We were both just so dang tired of wasting time trying to pick something to watch. And, of the Netflix algorithms getting it wrong all the time. "I wish someone would send me a newsletter each week that told me one thing to watch." And just like that, What-To-Watch was born! A few months later, we roped our friend and neighbor Tess into joining us to run the @whattowatchlist Twitter.  

IRL, Liz, Grace, and Tess are writers and editors in Washington, DC. Elizabeth Crowley Webber was the assistant editor for the Journal of Cinema and Media Studies, published by the University of Texas Press, and is now with Georgetown University Press. Grace Aldridge Foster is the co-founder of The Bold Type, a writing consulting agency. Tess Henthorne researches and writes about higher education at the Aspen Institute. The three of them studied film and media at Georgetown University.

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