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Feel Good Roundup: Part 3

For when you need to tune in and zone out.


As the summer has gone on, we've found ourselves wanting a bit of escapism—from the news cycle, unending Zoom calls for work, and large groups of people flocking outside while the weather's nice. If you've found yourself craving TV shows and movies that offer a break from the world around us, fear not. Here are our favorite picks to help you tune in and zone out.


Contestant running on Supermarket Sweep.
Live footage of me, barreling away from my work computer at the end of Friday.

1. Selling Sunset (on Netflix). This is mindless TV at its finest. In a world where Real Housewives meets Property Brothers, Selling Sunset brings you into the drama of Los Angeles real estate agents who sell million dollar homes. It's a bingeable distraction that will make you remember why you hated office drama. 2. Fighting with My Family (on Hulu). All hail Florence Pugh. In Fighting with My Family, Pugh plays Paige, a professional wrestler working her way up to the WWE. It's sweet and quirky, with a splash of family drama. The best part? It's a tie between The Rock's cameo and the run time, a quick 1 hour and 48 minutes. 3. Supermarket Sweep (on Netflix and Prime). The big hair. The over-sized neon sweaters. The straight leg, light wash jeans. This TV show is pure nostalgia on your TV screen and will fill the void until the day you can return to wandering the aisles of your local grocery store for fun. 4. Indian Matchmaking (on Netflix). Originally made for Netflix India, the streaming service has dropped yet another reality dating show hit. (Please see Love Is Blind and Too Hot to Handle.) Matchmaker Sima sets up couples for potential arranged marriages and we guarantee you'll be doing some Googling to figure out which couples are still together. 5. The Baby-Sitters Club (on Netflix). A light and breezy update to the classic book series, which follows a group of BFFs and their newly minted babysitting club. And, when you're done, enjoy this mini doc on Claudi Kishi that's a feel-good take on the importance of Asian American representation in media. 6. Bonus: Smithsonian's National Zoo Panda Cam (on the Zoo website). Earlier this week, vets noticed tissue consistent with fetal development on giant panda Mei Xiang's ultrasound. She could give birth to a baby cub literally any day. Keep your paws crossed on #Cubwatch! Happy streaming, Tess

Mary from Selling Sunset with text that reads "It's after 5 right? I'm gonna have a glass of wine."
We have all earned the glass of wine.


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